Ball-and-stick model of the etilevodopa molecule
Clinical data
ATC code N04BA06 (WHO) (combination with decarboxylase inhibitor)
CAS Number 37178-37-3 YesY
PubChem (CID) 170345
ChemSpider 148944 YesY
UNII 895X917GYE YesY
KEGG D04097 YesY
ECHA InfoCard 100.223.003
Chemical and physical data
Formula C11H15NO4
Molar mass 225.241 g/mol
3D model (Jmol) Interactive image

Etilevodopa (TV-1203) is a dopaminergic agent which was developed as a treatment for Parkinson's disease.[1] It is the ethyl ester of levodopa. It was never marketed.

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  1. Djaldetti Ruth; Giladi Nir; Hassin-Baer Sharon; Shabtai Hertzel; Melamed Eldad (November–December 2003). "Pharmacokinetics of Etilevodopa Compared to Levodopa in Patient's With Parkinson's Disease: An Open-label, Randomized, Crossover Study". Clinical Neuropharmacology. 26 (6): 322–326. doi:10.1097/00002826-200311000-00012.

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