Ya Zahra air defense system

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Ya Zahra (Air defense system)

Ya Zahra air defence system on firing platform
Type Light, mobile air defense system
Place of origin Iran
Service history
Used by Islamic Republic of Iran Air Defense Force
Production history
Designed 2012
Width 2.2m
Height 1.5m

Ya Zahra (Persian: یا زهراء, O Zahra) is an air defence system designed by Iranian engineers.[1] It is in fact a domestically built upgraded version of french Crotale missile system. This system was designed to enhance Iran's short range capabilities in the field of air defense and equipments. Unlike Raad which uses 3 Taer missiles, Ya Zahra uses 4 light missile launcher as a default structure but is able to form a cluster missile launcher network. The system is designed in a short period of time according to Iranians, the commander of Khatam ol-Anbia air defense base brigadier general Farzad Esmaieli: "This low-altitude missile system has been designed and produced in a short period of time based on domestic needs. Ya Zahra missile system's capabilities include deployment under all types of weather conditions and on different lands as well as its mobility". This system was successfully tested in Defenders of Velayat Skies 4 air defense drills. The time of replacing missiles batteries and the engagement altitude are much less than Raad.[2][3]

Mass production of the Ya Zahra air defense system officially began on January 27, 2013.[4]

The 3rd generation of Ya Zahra system (Ya Zahra-3) equipped with various Electo-optical equipments that help to system for detection and tracking of targets when battlefield is affected by heavy jamming.[5] Also Ya Zahra has a full mobile version named Herz-e-Nohom.[6]

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Ya Zahra ADS fires a missile
Ya Zahra firing against target
Ya Zahra factory

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