Qadr (munition)

The 9A Qadr is Iran's first generation of air-launched precision-guided munitions (PGMs), developed by the missile-manufacturing companies of the Iranian Ministry of Defence (and not the well-established Aerospace Industries Organisation, builder of Iran's surface-to-surface guided weapons).

The GBU-67/9A Qadr is an unpowered Electro-Optically guided Glide-Bomb (EO GB), built around a 2,000 lb Mk 84 class bomb body. Both the Qadr and the Zoobin have been designed around standard US-pattern general-purpose bomb shapes, from existing IRIAF stocks. Both weapons have also been given US-style `GBU' and `AGM' designations, although the designers say that these numbers have no greater significance beyond inventory management and parts stocks.

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