Asr (radar)

Asr(Radar) (Persian: رادار عصر) is an Iranian Passive electronically scanned array long range radar unveiled in 2013.[1][2][3] The Air Surveillance Radar or ASR is a 3-D solid state phased array radar, capable of detecting boats, low flying aircraft with a radar cross section of 4 meters in a 200km distance. The radar jointly designed and built by Islamic Republic of Iran Navy and Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics (Iran).


In addition to being entirely indigenously developed, Iran’s ASR naval radar is also a Passive electronically scanned array. This makes it invulnerable to anti-radar missiles that would otherwise use its radar signal to home in on the ASR. Additionally the radar can be used both on the coast and is installed on the float.[4][5][6]

No other technical details of this radar is exposed.

unveiling ceremony

Radar "Asr" in a ceremony attended by Deputy Supreme Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy commander was unveiled in 2013.[7]


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