For the shoulder-launched anti-tank rocket, see Saegheh (rocket). For the Iranian fighter aircraft, see HESA Saeqeh.

The Saegheh ("Lightning" in Persian) or "Saeqeh-1"[1] and "Saeqeh-2"[2] is a short-range surface-to-surface missile[3] developed by Iran, with a range of 65 to 1000 m.[4] It has been described as an "anti-armor missile".[5] Saeghe-1 weights 6.1 kg and can penetrate armor up to 500 mm. The 7.4 kg Saeghe-2 missile, with a tandem warhead, can penetrate up to 760 mm of armor.[6] These two missiles look like the US M47 Dragon anti-armor missile.

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