Irregular Warfare Headquarters

Irregular Warfare Headquarters
Active Since 2 October 1979 (first operation)[1]
Country  Iran
Branch Iranian Armed Forces
Type Irregular military
Role Guerrilla warfare
Size ≈ 3,000[2]
Garrison/HQ Ahvaz[3]
Engagements Iran–Iraq War
Disbanded c. 1982
Mostafa Chamran
Mehdi Chamran

Irregular Warfare Headquarters (Persian: ستاد جنگ‌های نامنظم) was an Irregular military unit of Iranian Armed Forces, active during Iran–Iraq War. The unit was established by Mostafa Chamran in 1979. After his death in 1981, Mehdi Chamran became commander of the unit for about 9 months and it eventually was dissolved. Guerrillas fighting in this unit, later joined Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution and Basij.[4]


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