Arash (sniper rifle)

Arash (Persian: تفنگ ارش)[1] is an Iranian semi-automatic anti-material sniper rifle. This weapon is used by the armed forces of Iran, Hezbollah and Iraq.



The Arash sniper rifle is a semi-automatic weapon with rotating bolt and gunpowder gas system has an eight Khan straight back from left to right. It is 180 cm-long weapon, and it is equipped with optical cameras. It is a typically used as a shoulder-fired weapon.[2][3][4] The rifle weighs between 18 and 20 kilograms, and fires 20mm bullets.


This weapon can be used to target hostile helicopters at a range of approximately 2,000 meters. It also has the ability to be used against ground and armored targets, as well as enemy trenches.[5]

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