Raad (air defense system)

Raad air defence system
Type Air defense system
Place of origin Iran
Service history
Used by IRGC AF
Production history
Designer IRGC aerospace force
Designed 2012

3x Taer-2 surface to air missiles
Engine Solid Fuel Rocket
50 km

Raad or Ra'd (Persian: رعد, meaning "thunder") is an Iranian aerial defence system deployed in September 2012. The system is designed to enhance Iran's capabilities in terms of defense, and as a partner to Bavar 373 air defense system. According to Fars news agency the Raad, is more advanced than its Russian predecessor and is designed to confront fighter jets, cruise missiles, smart bombs, helicopters and drones. the system is also designed specially for US fighters.[1] The system is equipped with "Taer" (Bird) missiles, which can trace and hit targets in ranges up to 50 km and in altitudes from 25 to 27 km (75,000 feet), Ra'd is ranked as a mid-range radar system and air defense system.[2][3]

During Velayat 91 maneuvers in December 2012 Iranian navy successfully tested Raad Air Defense System[4][5] but it is not clear that the Raad missile tested in Iranian navy is the same one to Taer-2 missile of Raad system designed by IRGC aerospace force and it may be only a similarity between a surface to air missile and an air defense system.

On May 2014 IRGC unveiled four different configuration of Raad air defense system, 3rd Khordad TELAR which is equipped with Taer-2B missiles, a phased array radar and is able to control two TELs, Tabas TELAR which features a white dome radar and uses Taer-2A missiles, Alam al hoda TEL which is equipped with electro-optical tracking systems, another system was also seen named Raad-2 which has a new wheeled TEL and uses electro-optical systems on separate vehicles with a range of 80 km.[6][7][8]

In IRGC aerospace force exhibition in May 2014 announced that new versions of 3rd Khordad SAM system will reach to ranges about 100 and 200 km with new missiles.[9] The 3rd Khordad (3rd of Khordad) system can engage with 4 targets and guide 2 missile to each of them simultaneously with the aid of its phased array radar that has 1700 elements.[10]

Also Iran developed another SAM system named RAAD-1 with TAER-1 missiles.[11]

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