Razm Mortar

Type Heavy mortar
Place of origin  Iran
Service history
In service Iranian Army
Production history
Manufacturer DIO
Produced 2010-Present
Calibre 120 mm (4.7 in)
Carriage Vehicle
Effective firing range 16,000 m (17,000 yd) with rocket assisted projectile

Razm is an Iranian 120 mm long-range mortar unveiled in 2010 and produced by DIO. This is one of the world's longest range mortars achieving a range of 16 km with rocket-assisted munitions and can be used alongside tube artillery. To achieve this range, Razm uses an unusually long barrel. The overall design of the mortar is similar to that of 120 mm HM 16.[1] Due to its long barrel, the weight of the system is too high to be carried by infantry. Thus it is mounted on Kaviran tactical vehicle, Boragh or other vehicles. While mounted on Kaviran, it can be unpacked in 30 seconds and used immediately.[2]


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