Safir (vehicle)

Type Multipurpose military vehicle
Place of origin Iran
Service history
Used by Iran
Iraq: Shia private militias
Production history
Manufacturer Fath Vehicle Industries
Weight 1.62 tonnes. 2.35 tonnes fully loaded
Length 3.726 m
Width 1.69 m
Height 1.88 m
Crew 1 (+5 passengers)

12x Fajr 1 107 mm rockets, or a 106 mm recoilless rifle or a Toophan anti-tank missile launcher
Engine Nissan Z24 gasoline engine
105 hp
Power/weight 44.68 hp/tonne
Suspension Coil spring
500 km[1][2]
Speed 130 km/h

Safir (Persian: سفیر, meaning "ambassador") is an Iranian 4x4 multipurpose military vehicle built by Fath Vehicle Industries.[3] This vehicle was officially unveiled in 2008. In the ceremony, Iranian defense minister said that 3,000 Safirs were built in that year, and Fath industries would deliver 5,000 more vehicles to defense industry per year.[4]

Safir has a modular build and has many models. These include:[2][3]

Safir can greatly enhance Iran's ability to transport its units across the country and also improves the maneuverability of the Iranian forces across the battlefield. Also it acts as fast transporter of Fajr 1 rockets, 106 mm recoilless rifle and Toophan anti tank missile.[3]

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