Fateh 313
Type Tactical SRBM
Service history
Used by  Iran
Production history
Manufacturer  Iran
Unit cost Unknown
Warhead One
Blast yield Not applicable

Engine Solid (single stage)
500 km
Inertial & electro-optical terminal

Fateh-313 (Persian: فاتح-313), an Iranian short-range solid-fuel ballistic missile, was unveiled on 21 August 2015.[1] The missile is a new generation of Fateh missiles family. The missile was almost identical to the previous generation of the Fateh-110 missile. The missile uses a new composite fuel and body that have increased the range to 500 km.[2] The main difference between this model and the previous model range is 500 km. Iran’s Defense Ministry plans to begin mass production of the rocket.[3][4][5]

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