For the village in Iran, see Zoobin, Iran.
Type Air-to-surface missile
Service history
Used by Iran
Production history
Manufacturer  Iran
Weight 560 kg
Length 3.18 m
Diameter 406 mm
Warhead 340 kg

Engine Solid rocket engine
Wingspan 1.23 m
20 km

Zoobin (Javelin) is an Iranian TV-guided air to surface missile. It is considered to be the first generation of the Iranian PGMs. Developed during the time of Iran-Iraq war, it was a rocket powered version of American M117 bomb equipped with a TV-seeker. There are four small aerodynamic control surfaces, also in a cruciform pattern, mounted on the motor, which are connected to the guidance unit at the front of the missile via control lines running along the body. The first versions only relied on these four fins but it was found that the missile is too unstable. Thus four larger triangle shaped fins were attached to the center of the body to provide stability.[1]

The guidance unit at the front of the missile contains a daylight TV seeker that is the same one used on Qadr. Zoobin is given a US-style 'AGM' designation (AGM-379/20 Zoobin), though its designers say that this has no greater significance beyond inventory management and parts stocks.[2]

Both Iranian F-4 Phantoms and F-5 Tigers can be equipped by Zoobin though the latter needs a modification to be able to guide the missile.[3]

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