Soumar (missile)

The Soumar (Persian: سومار) is an Iranian long-range cruise missile. The missile was named in the honour of a city called Soumar, whose inhabitants were all killed when Saddam's regime attacked the city with chemical weapons. It is highly likely that the missile is derived from the Russian KH-55, several of which were illegally sold to Iran by Ukraine in 2005.[1]

On September 9, 2012, Iranian media quoted Iran's deputy defense minister that a medium-range cruise missile called Meshkat will be revealed soon.[2] He mentioned that the missile can be fired from ground, air and sea and will have a range of 2000 km. However the unveiling did not happen until 2015.

On 2015 a long-range cruise missile was revealed under the name "Soumar". The design closely resembles the Kh-55 that Iran acquired from Ukraine in 2001.[3] Because of the similarities media guess a range between 2000 and 3000 km for it.[4]

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