This article is about Fajr-3 MLRS. For the ballistic missile, see Fajr-3 ballistic missile. For the aircraft, see Fajr-3 (aircraft).
Type Rocket artillery
Place of origin Iran
Service history
In service 1996–Present
Used by Iran
Wars 2006 Lebanon War
Production history
Manufacturer Shahid Bagheri Industrial Group (SBIG), Sanam Industrial Group (Department 140), Defense Industries Organization[1]
Produced November 6, 1996
Variants Known were chassis variants including Mercedes and Isuzu truck chassis[2]
Weight 15,000 kg (System)
45 kg (HE Content)
90 kg (Warhead)
407 kg (Rocket)
Length 10.45 m (Launcher)[3]
5,200 mm (Rocket)
Width 2.54 m (Launcher)[3]
Height 3.34 m (Launcher)[3]

Caliber 240 mm
Elevation 0 to 57 degrees[3]
Traverse 90 degrees left/100 degrees right[3]
Rate of fire 4-8 seconds[3]
Muzzle velocity ?
Maximum firing range 43 km[3]

The Fajr-3 Artillery Rocket (Persian: فجر-۳) is an Iranian multiple-launch artillery rocket, a third-generation Katyusha rocket. Fajr means 'dawn' in Arabic.

The 5.2-meter long, 240 millimeter-calibre Fajr-3 artillery rocket has an estimated range of 43 kilometres or 25–30 miles, weighs 407 kilograms, and carries a 45-kilogram warhead.


Production started on March 1990 by Shahid Bagheri Industries[4][5] with possible North Korean assistance[6] when Iranian Defense Minister Akbar Torkan announced that mass production of the Fajr-3 was taking place.[7]

Mass production was completed with the few first Fajr-3s made on November 6, 1996.[8]


Fajr-3 has the same caliber, range and warhead weight as three known North Korean systems.[4][5] The 333-millimeter Fajr-5 rocket has a range of about 75–80 kilometres.

Some media has reported that Iran has tested a medium-range ballistic missile called Fajr-3, but these may have been mistaken references to the Kosar missile.

Its launcher has 12 tubes.[3]


The rockets are used by the Iranian Army as a regular artillery. They may also have been supplied to Hezbollah in Lebanon under the name Khaibar-1, They may therefore have been used on a number of occasions in the 2006 Lebanon War.. The Fajr-3 is also used by the Al Quds Brigades


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