La Combattante IIa-class fast attack craft

Plotarchis Vlachavas in Phaleron Bay.
Class overview
Succeeded by: La Combattante III class
  • Kaman/Sina class
  • Perdana class
Built: 1973–1974; 1977–present
In commission: 1973–
Building: 5
Completed: 20
Lost: 2
General characteristics
Type: Fast attack craft
  • 234 tons (standard)
  • 265 tons (full load)
Length: 47 m (154 ft)
Beam: 8 m (26 ft)
Draught: 2.1 m (7 ft)
Installed power:
  • 4 × MTU MD 16V 538 TB90
  • 12,000 hp (8,900 kW) (combined)
Propulsion: Four shafts
Speed: 36 knots (67 km/h; 41 mph) (maximum)
  • 570 nautical miles (1,060 km; 660 mi) at 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph)
  • 1,600 nautical miles (3,000 km; 1,800 mi) at 15 knots (28 km/h; 17 mph)
Complement: 30 (4 officers)
Sensors and
processing systems:
  • Thomson-CSF Triton; G-band
  • Thomson-CSF Castor; I/J-band
  • CSEE Panda optical director
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
Thomson-CSF DR 2000S

The La Combattante IIa fast attack craft is a class of fast attack craft originally built for the German Navy as Type 148 Tiger-class fast attack craft. They were later transferred to Hellenic Navy and the class was renamed Combattante IIa, as with similar French made ships. All the ships were under mid-life updates in 1980s. Two vessels in the class, P-74 and P-75, were fitted with RGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles and a new ESM was fitted after transfer.

A version called the Beir Grassa class of which 10 were built and 8 were operational as of 1995. They were used by the Libyan Navy.[2]

Iran received 12 ships of the same class (known in Iran as Kaman class) between 1977 and 1981. The Iranian fast attack craft Paykan was sunk during Operation Morvarid in 1980, while Joshan was sunk by USS Simpson during Operation Praying Mantis in 1988. These ships are not to be confused with the new Joshan and Paykan which were named in their memories. Iran built a heavily upgraded version of this class called the Sina class. As of 2012 Iran has built 4 Sina-class vessels and is building 5 more of the same class.[3]

Ship list

Combattante IIa class

Name Former name Commissioned
By Germany
by Greece
P 72Ypoploiarchos Votsisex-Iltis8 January 197328 April 1995
P 73Antiploiarchos Pezopoulosex-Storch17 July 19741 February 1994
P 74Plotarchis Vlachavasex-Marder14 June 197316 February 1995
P 75Plotarchis Maridakisex-Häher12 June 197428 April 1994
P 76Ypoploiarchos Tournasex-Leopard21 August 197328 September 2000
P 77Plotarchis Sakipisex-Jaguar21 August 197328 September 2000

Perdana class

Name Commission Year Class
3501 KD Perdana 21 December 1972 Perdana
3502 KD Serang 31 January 1973
3503 KD Ganas 28 February 1973
3504 KD Ganyang 28 March 1973


Name Commission Year Class
P221 Kaman 1977 Kaman
P222 Xoubin 1977 Kaman
P223 Khadang 1978 Kaman
P224 Paykan 1978 Kaman
P225 Joshan 1978 Kaman
P226 Falakhon 1978 Kaman
P227 Shamshir 1978 Kaman
P228 Gorz 1978 Kaman
P229 Gardouneh 1978 Kaman
P230 Khanjar 1981 Kaman
P231 Neyzeh 1981 Kaman
P232 Tabarzin 1981 Kaman

Sina class

Name Commission Year Class
P224 Paykan 2003 Sina
P225 Joshan 2006 Sina
P233 Derafsh 2008 Sina
P234 Kalat 2008 Sina
? Sina 5 Under Construction Sina
? Sina 6 Under Construction Sina
? Sina 7 Under Construction Sina
? Sina 8 Under Construction Sina
? Sina 9 Under Construction Sina


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