Persian Gulf (missile)

Khalij Fars

A Khalij Fars missile on a transporter
Type Anti-ship ballistic missile
Service history
In service 2011present
Used by Iran
Production history
Manufacturer Iran
Length 8.86 m
Diameter 0.61 m
Warhead One

Engine Solid (single stage)
300 km
Speed Mach 3
Accuracy 8.50 m[1][2][3]

Khalij Fars (Persian: موشک خلیج فارس, "Persian Gulf") is an Iranian single-stage solid-propellant, supersonic anti-ship quasi ballistic missile with a range of 300 km based on the Fateh-110 missile. It is equipped with a 650 kg explosive warhead and an interception evading guidance system.

The electro-optical seeker of a Khalij Fars missile

The missile was unveiled in February 2011 when the Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, announced that it is being mass-produced. The Iranian Fars News agency released a footage of the missile hitting a target ship successfully.[4] The missile was first tested during the Great Prophet 3 naval wargames in 2008. Israeli expert Uzi Rubin describes the missile as a game changer if used against US carriers in the Strait of Hormuz.[5]

There have been two other publicized tests of the missile. One occurred in July 2011 and the other in July 2012.[6][7] The latter test also showed footage taken by the missile's electro-optical seeker locked onto its target.[8]

Features and capabilities

The missile has an operating range of 300 kilometres (190 mi). It is a single-stage, solid-fuel-propelled vehicle, and is equipped with a 650-kilogram (1,430 lb) explosive warhead that uses a combination of guidance systems to prevent interception. The Persian Gulf has an advanced electronic system that allows the missile to discover and navigate to the target. The missile relies on its own internal navigation system, allowing it to travel without radio interference.[9]

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