Panha 2091

Panha 2091 Toufan
Toufan 2 in flight
Role Attack helicopter
Manufacturer Bell Helicopter Textron
Introduction 1998 [1]
Status In service
Primary user Islamic Republic of Iran Army
Developed from Bell AH-1J International

The Panha 2091 "Toufan" is an Iranian overhaul and upgrade of the Bell AH-1J International (export version of the SeaCobra) attack helicopter purchased before the 1979 Islamic Revolution.[2][3] The overhaul and upgrade program is known as project number 2091 of the Iranian Helicopter Support and Renewal Company (also known as Panha).


Reported upgrades include:[2]

The upgraded attack helicopter has a narrower airframe for greater flexibility and is armed with an M197 three-barreled 20-mm Gatling-type cannon in the A/A49E turret. Its wing-stub stations carry a pair of 19-tube 70-mm rocket launchers. The rear section has a Vulcan-type 20-mm automatic cannon, and two clusters of 38 anti-tank 70-mm missiles.

Bulletproof glass protects the pilot's cockpit and weapons officer station, internal avionics have been revamped with the addition of a GPS and receiver in the nose, and a warning radar attached to the rear, with four antennae providing 360 degrees coverage and all electronics systems integrated.


Data from Military and Missile[4]

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