List of fish dishes

This is a list of notable fish dishes. The word "fish" refers to both the animal and to the food prepared from it. In culinary and fishery contexts, the term fish also includes shellfish, such as molluscs, crustaceans and echinoderms. Fish has been an important source of protein for humans throughout recorded history.

Fish dishes

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Baccalà alla vicentina is a Venetian-Italian dish native to Vicenza that is made from stoccafisso (stockfish)
Baccalà alla lucana, traditional recipe from Basilicata


Canh chua is a sour soup indigenous to the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam. It is typically made with fish from the Mekong River Delta and additional ingredients.
Ceviche is typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and spiced with ají or chili peppers.






Ikan goreng is a generic term that refers to various kinds of Indonesian and Malaysian dishes of deep fried fish or other forms of seafood.




Lohikeitto is a common dish in Finland and other Nordic countries that consists of salmon fillets, boiled potatoes and leeks.[1]


Machher Jhol(Machha jhola) in an Odia style is a traditional Bengali and Odia spicy fish stew. It is in the form of a very spicy stew that is served with rice.
Maachha Bihana is Fish egg curry in an oriya style.




Paling in 't groen is a Flemish regional dish, mainly from the area along the River Scheldt between Dendermonde and Antwerp. The Dutch language name (literally 'eel in the green') refers to freshwater eel in a green herb sauce.[2][3]




Deep-fried Swordfish collar with chips and coleslaw
Seafood birdsnest is a common Chinese cuisine dish found in Hong Kong, China and most overseas Chinatown restaurants.
Sorshe Ilish, a dish of smoked ilish with mustard-seed paste, has been an important part of both Bangladeshi and Bengali cuisine.


Tekwan is a fish soup of Palembang, Indonesia prepared with fishcake.


Ukha is a clear Russian soup, made from various types of fish such as bream, wels catfish, or ruffe.




Raw fish dishes

Salmon dishes

Halved smoked salmon in a salmon smokehouse

Tuna dishes

By country

Machh bhaja is fish fried in mustard oil. It is a traditional Bengali and Oriya dish often eaten along with rice and other dishes. "Machh" means "fish" and "bhaja" means "fry" in Bengali/Oriya.
Fried rui served in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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