List of puddings

This list includes both sweet and savoury puddings that conform to one of two definitions:

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Name Image Origin Description
Almond jelly Hong Kong A gelatin-like pudding made with almond milk
Ashure Turkey Made from a mixture of fruit, nuts and grain.
Asida Middle East Similar to a sweet porridge.
Banana pudding United States A dessert generally consisting of repeated layers of sweet vanilla custard, cookies (usually Vanilla Wafers or ladyfingers) and sliced fresh bananas placed in a dish and served, topped with whipped cream or meringue.
Bánh chuối Vietnam Similar to banana bread or banana pudding.
Bebinca Portugal, India Made with coconut milk.
Black pudding United Kingdom A classic addition to the full breakfast, this is a sausage made from pig blood.
Blancmange France A gelatinous pudding made from cream or milk and sugar, thickened with cornstarch and gelatin
Blodpalt Sweden A use-up pudding made from meat waste and flour.
Bread and butter pudding United Kingdom It is made by layering slices of buttered bread scattered with raisins in an oven dish into which an egg and milk mixture, commonly seasoned with nutmeg (and sometimes vanilla or other spices), is poured. It is then baked in an oven and served. Some people may serve it with custard or cream, but often the pudding under the crust is moist enough to be eaten without sauce.
Bread pudding Unknown It is made using stale (usually left-over) bread, suet, egg, sugar or golden syrup, spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, mace or vanilla, and dried fruit. The bread is soaked (often overnight), squeezed dry, and mixed with the other ingredients. The mixture is transferred into a dish and baked.
Brown Betty (dessert) United States Made from breadcrumbs and apples, it is thought to date back to Colonial times.
Cabinet pudding United Kingdom A traditional pudding with currants and sultanas mixed in.
Butterscotch pudding
Chè Vietnam A term for any sweet pudding or soup.
Chireta Spain A Spanish version of haggis.
Chocolate pudding Unknown A plain sort of pudding, like a custard, made with chocolate
Chocolate Biscuit pudding Sri Lanka A pudding made of alternating layers of milk-dipped Marie biscuits and chocolate pudding/icing, possibly topped off with roasted cashewnuts. A Sri Lankan dessert, commonly abbreviated "CBP."
Christmas pudding United Kingdom Made with brandy, treacle and dried fruit. The dried fruit and peel are soaked in brandy, and later the whole pudding is before being set on fire at table. The brandy enables it to burn. This pudding is usually topped with plastic or sweet robins, skaters, berries, holly and snowmen.
Clootie dumpling Scotland A dumpling served as dessert, stuffed with currants, sultanas, breadcrumbs, golden syrup and milk.
Coconut bread pudding United States Made with bread, coconut flakes, eggs, milk, sugar and spices.[1]
Coconut pudding Hong Kong A sweet dim sum dessert made with coconut milk. Also called a coconut bar.
Cottage Pudding United States A plain cake with vanilla custard. It is sometimes served with fruit.
Cơm rượu Vietnam A rice pudding.
Crème caramel France, Spain A gelatinous custard pudding topped with caramel.
Diplomat pudding Hungary Invented in 1908 at a diplomatic conference.
Dock pudding United Kingdom Its main ingredients are the leaves of bistort (sometimes called "gentle dock" or "Passion dock," though it is not a member of the Rumex genus), together with oatmeal, nettles, onion, and seasoning to taste. Traditionally the pudding is fried in a frying pan along with bacon (though vegetarians cook it differently).
Drisheen Ireland Similar to black pudding.
Dutch baby pancake Germany A sweet pudding similar to Yorkshire pudding.
Espasol Philippines
Eve's pudding United Kingdom A dessert pudding made from apples and Victoria sponge cake mixture.
Firni Central Asia See kheer
Figgy duff (pudding) Canada A traditional bag pudding, containing no figs as the name implies.
Figgy pudding United Kingdom Like a white Christmas pudding containing figs. The pudding may be baked, steamed in the oven, boiled or fried.
Flummadiddle United States, originally United Kingdom A baked main course pudding consisting of stale bread, pork fat, molasses, and spices including cinnamon, allspice, and cloves
Flummery United Kingdom A pudding made from stewed fruit and cream.
Frumenty United Kingdom It was made primarily from boiled, cracked wheat - hence its name, which derives from the Latin word frumentum, "grain". Different recipes added milk, eggs or broth. Other recipes include almonds, currants, sugar, saffron and orange flower water.
Goody (dessert) Ireland A dessert-like dish made by boiling bread in milk with sugar and spices.
Got fan China This is a healthier pudding made with plant powders.
Groaty pudding United Kingdom A savoury pudding made special with soaked groats.
Haggis Scotland A sausage-like pudding made from a sheep's stomach filled with lamb pieces and oats
Hasty pudding United States A savoury pudding made from corn and pork fat
Haupia Polynesia A gelatin-like dessert made from coconut.
Jam Roly-Poly United Kingdom A pudding like a Swiss roll filled with jam.
Junket United Kingdom A pudding made from sweetened milk curdled with rennet.
Kačamak Southern Europe The dish is made of cornmeal. Potato, feta cheese or kaymak are sometimes added. Similar to the Italian polenta and Romanian mămăligă, it is prepared by boiling the mixture until it is thick or runny, depending on taste, and then mashing while the pot is still on the fire.
Kazandibi Turkey Literally means 'bottom of cauldron', typically made from tavuk göğsü or muhallebi.
Keşkül Turkey Almond based milk pudding usually served in a bowl and eaten with a spoon. Often garnished with coconut shaving or pistachio nuts and is off-white in colour.
Kheer India It is made by boiling rice or broken wheat with milk and sugar, and flavored with cardamom, raisins, saffron, cashew nuts, pistachios or almonds.
Kulolo Hawaii A cake-like coconut pudding with a caramel-like taste.
Kutia Eastern Europe A sweet grain pudding.
Langevinger pudding Netherlands Sweet foamy biscuits 'lange-vingers' layered with firm abricotte sous
Malvern pudding United Kingdom A baked dish made with apples and custard.
Malva pudding South Africa A South African pudding with a caramel-based apricot jam.
Mango pudding China This pudding is often served in dim sum restaurants, and it is made from mango and a cream mixture.
Moin moin Nigeria It is a steamed bean pudding made from a mixture of washed and peeled black-eyed beans, onions and fresh black pepper. It is a protein-rich food that is a staple in Nigeria.
Muhallebi Turkey A sweet milk pudding (dessert) similar to blancmange.
Panna cotta Italy Meaning "cooked cream", this pudding is usually eaten chilled with fruit or spices.
Persimmon pudding United States Persimmon pudding is a traditional American dessert made with persimmons.
Pistachio pudding United States A simple pudding made with pistachio nuts.
Po'e Polynesia Made with mango, pineapple or banana, it is similar to poi.
Pudding Corn United States A savoury pudding made with corn and sometimes vegetables in small amounts.
Put chai ko China A snack made with steamed sugar
Queen of Puddings United Kingdom A rich dessert pudding made from sweetened breadcrumbs topped with jam and meringue.
Rag Pudding United Kingdom A savoury steamed pudding, filled with mince and onions.
Red pudding Scotland A battered sausage served in fish and chip shops.It is similar to the saveloy.
Rice pudding Unknown A sweet pudding made from milk and rice
Rødgrød or Rote Grütze Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein Sweet and fruit-sour dessert, based on redcurrant, raspberry, blackberry, blackcurrant, and (stoned) cherries; uses starch, sago, semolina or (in former times) groat as thickening agent
Rượu nếp Vietnam It is made from glutinous rice that has been fermented with the aid of yeast and steamed in a banana leaf.
Sago pudding Unknown A sweet pudding made by boiling sago with either water or milk and adding sugar and sometimes additional flavourings.
Scrapple United States A breakfast pudding made from pork and bread scraps, often with mushrooms or onion.
Shole zard Iran A rice pudding infused with saffron.
Spoonbread United States A savory soufflé-like dish based on cornmeal rather than wheat flour, served as a side dish.
Spotted dick United Kingdom The "spots" are currants and sultanas.
Sticky date pudding United Kingdom Like a sticky toffee pudding, but with dates mixed in.
Sticky toffee pudding United Kingdom A rich sponge pudding saturated in a toffee sauce
Summer pudding United Kingdom White bread filled with berries and their juices. The bread goes pink when the berries burst and the juices flow onto it.
Sussex Pond Pudding United Kingdom A rich, heavy pudding that forms a "pond" from the caramel.
Sütlaç Turkey A rice pudding, sometimes baked.
Tapioca pudding Unknown A simple, bland, grain based pudding made with milk, tapioca pearls and sugar.
Tavuk göğsü Turkey Made with chicken and milk.
Teurgoule France A rice pudding that is a speciality of Normandy. It consists of rice cooked in milk, sweetened with sugar, and is flavoured with cinnamon and sometimes nutmeg.
Tiết canh Vietnam A traditional dish of blood and cooked meat.
Treacle sponge pudding United Kingdom Like a sponge cake, usually served with custard.
Vanilla pudding Unknown A simple pudding made with vanilla and sugar.
Watalappam Sri Lanka Made from coconut milk, eggs and sugar.
White pudding United Kingdom Served with or as a substitute for black pudding, this is another common full breakfast addition, as stated in the picture.
Yorkshire pudding United Kingdom The British equivalent of a popover, this is made with roast drippings. It is a quintessential addition to the Sunday roast in some regions.
Zerde Turkey A sweet pudding from rice that is colored yellow with saffron.

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