Deskins Supermarket was a regional grocery store chain located in the southern region of West Virginia and the southwestern region of Virginia.


Deskins Supermarket, Inc. came into being in the year 1946. John A. Deskins, better known to his friends and customers as "Al" and his three brothers, David "Dave" C. W.R.(Bus)Deskins, Sr.and William "Bill" T. Deskins bought the Jones & Spry store in English, West Virginia. The sales area was less than 2,000 square feet. Also, involved in overseeing and managing daily operations were siblings—Carl Deskins and Ruth Deskins Campbell.

The brothers later expanded stores that served customers in the following cities of West Virginia: Welch, Bluefield, Princeton (Green Tree) and Pineville. In Virginia, stores were located in Tazewell (also the location of corporate headquarters and warehouse), Grundy, Richlands and Bluefield, Va.

With business growing, manager positions were held by offsprings of the Deskins clan. Which included, W.R. Deskins, Jr. Bluefield, WV and John A. Deskins, Richlands. Jim A. Deskins, Tazewell (who later served as President of the corporation, after the passing of his Dad, Al). Also, working in the corporate office was Jim's son, Jimmy and his son-in-law, Paul Black. In addition, William W. Deskins (son of Al) served as an officer of the corporation. James Campbell,son of Ruth Campbell, served as manager of the Tazewell store after Jim moved to the corporate headquarters.


Closed in 2001.


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