Key Food

Key Food Stores Co-Op, Inc.
Founded Brooklyn, New York, 1937
Headquarters Staten Island, New York City, New York
Number of locations
Key people
Dean Janeway (CEO)

Key Food Stores Co-op, Inc. is a cooperative of independently owned supermarkets, founded in Brooklyn, New York, on April 20, 1937. Its stores are found in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

The headquarters for the Key Food cooperative is on Staten Island; the Chief Executive is Dean Janeway. The cooperative also operates stores under the Key Food Marketplace, Key Fresh & Natural, Food Dynasty, Urban Market, Food World, Food Universe Marketplace, SuperFresh, and The Food Emporium banners.

In November 2015 the company completed the purchase of 23 stores from A&P which was in bankruptcy bringing the total number of stores under its management to 212. The stores included branches of Pathmark, A&P, Waldbaums, Food Emporium and Food Basics USA. Two of the stores are to be operated under corporate rather than cooperative ownership (a first for the company).[1] The acquisition made it the largest grocer in New York City.[2] The primary supplier of both A&P and Key Food is C&S Wholesale Grocers.[3]


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