Chatham (grocer)

Chatham was a supermarket chain, now-defunct, headquartered in southeastern Michigan, United States.

Founded by Royal Supermarkets in the mid-1950s, Chatham was often compared to Kroger in size and selection. Typical of many grocery stores of its time, Chatham was unable to keep up with big-box grocery competitors, including Michigan-based Meijer. Kroger subsequently purchased former Chatham locations after the chain went out of business.


In 1986, Chatham was then owned by Nu-Trax, Inc., headed by Wendell Smith.[1] In March 1986, the company was purchased by Alex Dandy, a businessman who owned Hamady Brothers food chain in Flint, Michigan.[2] Dandy illegally diverted assets of the company to his personal benefit, and Chatham was forced to file for bankruptcy in 1987.[1] Dandy was convicted in 1991, of tax offenses, mail fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and obstruction of justice.[1] He died in 2003.[3]


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