Western Beef

Western Beef
Area served
New York City
Website www.westernbeef.com
Ridgewood, Queens

Western Beef is a low-cost supermarket chain located mostly in the New York City metropolitan area. As of 2010, the chain operated 21 stores in the city and suburbs.[1] A store was opened in Boca Raton, Florida in March 2009. A store in Pembroke Pines, Florida was opened in 2011.

Western Beef's business model has been to operate in ethnic, inner city neighborhoods that have been abandoned by other supermarket chains. Their store on West 14th Street, now closed, was located at the north end of the Meatpacking District, then a "derelict area clogged by trucks in the daytime and prostitutes at night".[2] Its motto is "We know the neighborhood". Its logo is the words "Western Beef" with a cactus wearing a cowboy hat in place of the "t" in "Western".[2]

The company also operates five Junior's Food Outlet stores:[3] four in Brooklyn, and one in Queens.

Western Beef has several store brands, including the Western Beef Brand, Western Selects (orange juice), and Cactus Club.


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