Krio Dayak language

Not to be confused with Krio language.
Bahasa Dayak Krio
Native to Indonesia
Region West Kalimantan
Native speakers
500 (2003)[1]
  • Seputan
Language codes
ISO 639-3 xke
Glottolog kere1285[2]

Krio Dayak is a Kayan language of the Krio Dayak people in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Examples of Krio Dayak language:-

Krio Dayak language Banjar language Meaning
cucul salukut burn
julak julak eldest uncle or aunt
nongah angah middle uncle or aunt
busu' busu youngest uncle or aunt
osa asa one
dua dua two
tiga talu / tiga three
ompat ampat four
limak lima five
anam anam six
tujuh tujuh / pitu seven
lapatn lapan / walu eight
semilatn sambilan nine
sapuluh sapuluh ten


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