Berawan language

Region Sarawak
Native speakers
3,600 (2010)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
zbc  Central
zbe  East
zbw  West
Glottolog bera1264[2]

Berawan is an Austronesian language of Sarawak.

Berawan Dialects

1) Lakiput
2) Narom
3) Lelak
4) Dali
5) Miri
6) Belait
7) Tutong

Area Spoken

Baram (Tutoh-Tinjar)
1) Batu Belah (Lower Tutoh)
2) Long Terawan (Middle Tutoh)
3) Long Teru (Lower Tinjar)
4) Long Jegan (Middle Tinjar)
5) Loagan Bunut National Park.
6) Long Pata
7) Long Palo (Tutoh)


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