Iha language

This article is about a Papuan language. For the Austronesian language spoken in the Mulukus, see Saparua language.
Native to Papua
Region Bomberai Peninsula
Native speakers
(5,500 cited 1987)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 ihp
Glottolog ihaa1241[2]
Pidgin Iha
Native to Indonesia
Region Bomberai Peninsula
Native speakers
Iha-based pidgin
Language codes
ISO 639-3 ihb
Glottolog ihab1241[2]

Iha (Kapaur) is a Papuan language spoken on the tip of the Bomberai Peninsula. It is the basis of a pidgin used as the local trade language.[3]


The classification of Iha (and other West Bomberai languages) is based entirely on pronouns, given the lack of available lexical data. Flassy and Animung (1992) list the following pronouns for Iha.[4]

1 on in (inc.)
mbi (exc.)
2 ko ki
3 mi wat/mi


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