West Makian language

Not to be confused with Moi language (Papua).
West Makian
Native to Indonesia
Region North Maluku, islands of Ternate and some areas of Halmahera.
Native speakers
(12,000 cited 1977)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 mqs
Glottolog west2600[2]

West Makian (also known as Moi) is the most divergent of the Papuan languages of Halmahera. It is spoken on the coast near Makian Island, and on the western half of that island. It has been strongly influenced by an Austronesian language or languages, and was once classified as Austronesian, as the East Makian language (Taba) still is. A brief description of the language can be found in Voorhoeve (1982).[3]


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