Kanum language

Region New Guinea
Native speakers
340 (1996)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
kcd  Ngkâlmpw Kanum
khd  Bädi Kanum
krz  Sota Kanum
kxq  Smärky Kanum
Glottolog kanu1280

Kanum is a language complex with difficult mutual intelligibility spoken by the Kanum people of New Guinea. Language varieties within Kanum have variously been referred to as Ngkâlmpw Kanum, Enkelembu, Kenume and Knwne.[2]

Kanum has a base-6 numeral system. For example, the numeral 200 is:

swabra ptae ynaoaemy ntamnao
5 6²s (36s) (and) 2 (and)3×6


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