Sangiric languages

northern Sulawesi
Linguistic classification:


Glottolog: sang1335[1]

The Sangiric languages are a group of languages spoken in northern Sulawesi and several small islands to the north which belong to the Philippines.

The languages are Sangir and a southern group of Bantik, Ratahan, Talaud.

Adelaar and Himmelmann (2005) classify Sangiric as a branch of the Philippine languages.


The following classification scheme is from Sneddon (1984:57).

The North Sangiric languages are spoken in the Sangir and Talaud archipelagos of Indonesia just north of Sulawesi, as well as the Sarangani Islands of the Philippines just south of Mindanao. The South Sangiric languages are spoken in scattered locations on the northern tip of Sulawesi. Bantik is spoken in the Manado region, while Ratahan is spoken just south of Lake Tondano.


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