Yali language

Region Highlands of Irian Jaya
Ethnicity Yali
Native speakers
(30,000 cited 1988–1999)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
yli  Anggurk Yali
nlk  Ninia Yali
yac  Pass Valley Yali
Glottolog yali1257[2]

Yali (Yaly, Jalè, Jaly) is a Papuan language of Indonesian New Guinea. The Yali people live east of the Baliem Valley, in the Western Highlands.

Dialectical differentiation is great enough that Ethnologue assigns separate codes to three varieties:

However, almost nothing is known of this language. Not even the pronouns were attested for Ross (2005) to base a classification on.


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