Col language

Base Lembak
Native to Indonesia
Region Sumatra
Native speakers
150,000 (2000 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 liw
Glottolog coll1240[2]

Col (Chol), or Lembak, is a Malayan language of Sumatra. It is spoken by around 145,000 speakers (2000) with most speakers can be found in Lubuklinggau city, Bengkulu and the areas surround it all the way to Musi rawas in South Sumatra. The speakers of this language belongs to ethnic Lembak, a small ethnic group closely related to ethnic Malays, especially those of Bengkulu and Palembang Malays. Col is closely related to Palembang Malay and Bengkulu Malay with minor differences mostly in pronunciation, the Bengkulu Malay and Palembang Malay tend to end with "o" while Col usually ends with "e". Col language has its own ISO code that is "liw".


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