Padoe language

Native to Indonesia
Region Sulawesi
Native speakers
(5,000 cited 1991)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 pdo
Glottolog pado1242[2]

Padoe is an Austronesian language of the Celebic branch. It was traditionally spoken in the rolling plains south of Lake Matano in South Sulawesi province. In the 1950s a portion of the Padoe-speaking population fled to Central Sulawesi to escape the ravages of the Darul Islam / Tentara Islam Indonesia (DI/TII) revolt.[3] In 1991 it was estimated there were 5,000 speakers of Padoe in all locations.[4]


Padoe is classified as a member of the Bungku-Tolaki group of languages, and shares its closest affinities with the Mori Atas language.[5] The Padoe language has sometimes been included with Mori Atas and Mori Bawah under the broader cover term 'Mori.'


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