Hushang Irani

Hushang Irani
Born 1925
Hamedan, Iran
Died 1973
Paris, France
Occupation Poet, Translator, Painter, Cleric and Journalist
Period 1948–1956
Literary movement Modern literature, Surrealism
Notable works

Spicy Violet on Grey
The curtain came into flame and the Devil came in
I think all about you now, I think about all of you now
Some Designs

Understanding of art: In the way to a worldview in art

Hushang Irani (Persian: هوشنگ ایرانی; 1925 in Hamedan – 1973) was an Iranian poet, translator, critics, journalist and painter. He is one of the pioneers of The New Poetry in Iran.

The Fighting Cock days

Originally founded in 1950, Khorus Jangi (Persian: خروس جنگی, The Fighting Cock) was a small artistic group that published a journal by same title. In the beginning, Khorus Jangi was not significantly different from other literary journals of the time. A year later, however, Hushang Irani, the enfant terrible of modernist Persian poetry, joined the group. Under his influence, the journal was transformed into a radical modernist literary journal. It published Irani's poems, which no other literary journal of the day, and even almost no literary critics on those days, would dare to acknowledge as poetry. Irani has shrewdly observed and anxiously realized how the potentials that Nima had introduced into Persian poetry were being co-opted: Nima and modernist Persian poetry were in the process of becoming mainstream. Understanding this double edge of youthful tradition, Irani had both praised and condemned Nima. [1]



From the book "Some Designs" (Persian: چند دِسَن), Tehran, April 1952[6]


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