Varuzh Karim-Masihi

Varuzh Karim-Masihi
Born (1952-03-24) March 24, 1952
Arak, Iran
Nationality Iranian-Armenian
Occupation film director, editor and screenplay writer

Varuzh Karim-Masihi (Armenian: Վարու Քարիմ Մասիհի; Persian: واروژ کریم مسیحی, born 1953 in َArak) is an Iranian-Armenian film director, film editor and screenplay writer.


Born in 1952 in Arak, he had his elementary and high scholl education in his motherland and then moved to Germany to study medicine. There, in the Munich club of Armenians, he met an Armenian actor and changed the course of his life. He developed an interest in cinema and when he returned to Iran in 1971, he was introduced to Bahram Bayzai and assisted him in making The Downpour. He assisted on all of his films up to the Islamic Revolution, as well as other directors like Kamran Shirdel, Amir Naderi, and Bahman Farmanara. He was allowed to study at the College of Dramatic Arts, but turned it over to follow his film making career. In 1975 he made his first short film The Cuckoo, and later, turned a script by Bayzai to another short film titled Salandar. He made his debut feature in 1990, which was extraordinary promising and garnered his eight Crystal Symorghs. It was titled The Last Act and now works as editor for other directors.[1][2][3][4]


Year Film English title Director Writer Editor
Parde-ye Akhar The Last Act Yes Yes Yes
Tardid Doubt Yes Yes Yes
Saray Yes
2011 Without permission Yes
1979 Tcherike-ye Tara Yes


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