Hengameh Mofid

Hengameh Mofid
Born January 1956
Tehran, Iran
Occupation Film actress, director, dramatist and University tutor.

Hengameh Mofid (Persian: هنگامه مفيد, born January 1956) is an Iranian film/theater actress, director, dramatist and University tutor.


She was born in January 1956 Tehran, Iran. Mrs. Hengameh Mofid is the youngest child of Gholamhossein Mofid, a well-known actor, teacher and calligrapher and his wife, Ghodssiyeh Farivar, a high school headmistress, they had 7 children and in years, they become one of the most famous and well-known families in Iranian theater and cinema.

Her brothers Bijan, Bahman and Ardavan are all in theater business. In fact, it was their father, who was one of the famous actors at his time and his oldest son, Bijan Mofid- one of the most famous writers and theater directors of all times, who –indirectly- encourage the younger ones to be in theater business as well.

Raised in such an artful environment, She entered Tehran conservatory and after graduating, she entered Art College in Tehran. Meanwhile, she was a member in the only professional theater group working specially for children at the Institute for the Intellectual Development of children and Young Adults (IIDCYA, aka. kanoon) under the supervision of Mr. Don Roger Laffoon, director and tutor of Theatre. There she met her future husband and longtime collaborator, Kambiz Samimi Mofakham. They married in 1977 and have 3 children; all of them are in Art business now.

Being the first and best in children's theater, Kanoon Theater group did so many great performances including "Miss Butterfly", "The cloak of thousand tales", "Kouti & Mouti", "An event in The Puppet Town" and many others. They also performed in the Hamburg, Wales and Sydney International festivals and had many workshops for children all over the world.

Expanding career

Eventually, after becoming a mother, Hengameh leaves kanoon group – that really was not active for so long - and continue her career as voice actress in 4 story records under the "Chehel Tooti" records contract and also recorded a children's favorite nursery songs album" Little Songs" that still is the no.1 in children music records in Iran- with the same company.

She also began a new career as a teacher in kindergarten and elementary schools that leads to establishing a private kindergarten with her husband and was the headmistress there for 5 years.

Since 1983, she had a continuous collaboration with children department of IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) in many fields such as: writing, acting, directing, song writing and composing. She said that working for children as a teacher, help her to stay connected to their fantasy world. Her special talent in thinking as a child and a grownup in the same time, make her one of the successful writers for children. Hengameh created some lovable characters that are still in 3 generation's mind, their funny way of talking (usually with her own voice), their simple yet clever conversations and the big lesson they taught without being too preachy.

According to herself "Story telling is one of the oldest, most common and most effective forms of art. Everyone knows how a good story can make quarrelsome children forget their quarrel and get them together." "Story telling is a direct connection between children and grownups, and it can be as simple and friendly as a good conversation."

At the year 1988, she continued her study after the Cultural Revolution and graduated from University of Tehran in Dramatic Literature.

Since 2000, along with other activities, Hengameh Mofid has a continuous collaboration with art universities as theater, music and play writing tutor.

She also works with several amateur theater groups as voice and acting instructor.

Activities and works

A brief List

Literary works for puppet tele-theaters and TV series

As writer and director:

As scriptwriter, voice actress, songwriter and music composer (TV. series)

As voice actress



Children and young adults plays from 1971 to 1978, The professional theater group, the Institute for the Intellectual Development of children and Young Adults (Kanoon), directed by: Don Roger Laffoon Ardavan Mofid

Appearances in plays for adults

As songwriter and music composer

As director

AS writer


Children Story Record Albums

Chehel tooti Co. albums:



Puppet Theater and Performing art tutor at:

Other Activities From 1971 to 1978

Recent Activities


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