Bijan Najdi

Bijan Najdi
Born 15 November 1941
Khash, Iran
Died 25 August 1997(1997-08-25) (aged 55)
Lahijan, Iran
Occupation Poet, writer
Nationality Iranian
Notable works The leopards who have run with me
Spouse Parvaneh Mohseni Azad[1]
Children Nathanael , Yuhanna[2]

Bijan Najdi (Persian: بیژن نجدی, pronounced [biːʒæn nædʒdiː];[3]) (15 November 1941 in Khash, Iran – 25 August 1997 in Lahijan, Iran[4][5][6]) was an Iranian writer and poet. Najdi is most famous for his short story collection The leopards who have run with me (1994).


Bijan Najdi was born in Khash, a county in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran. His parents were from Gilan. When he was four, he lost his father in a murder incident.[2] He got his basic education in Rasht. He got his M.A in Mathematics and was one of the first writers to go to the front in Iran-Iraq war. He started writing when he was young, and published his notable book "The leopards who have run with me" in 1994, three years before his death. This book received a Gardoun award as one of the best short story collections ever written in Iran.[7]


Among Najdi's works are poems and short stories. He published "The leopards who have run with me" while alive; his other works were published posthumously by his wife.[8]


Sepideh Farsi made a film based on four of his short stories.[9]


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