Jaleh Amouzgar

Amouzgar in Tehran, 2013

Jaleh Amouzgar (Persian: ژاله آموزگار, born 2 December 1939 in Khoy, West Azerbaijan) is a world-class Iranist and a university professor.

from right to left: Omid Tabibzadeh, Zhaleh Amuzegar and Ali Mohammadi, 2014


Amouzgar holds a Ph. D. degree from Sorbonne University in Iranistics (Iranian linguistics).[1] She is currently chairman of the department of Ancient Iranian Culture and Languages at Tehran University.[2]

Prof. Amouzgar in collaboration with Prof. Ahmad Tafazzoli has contributed significantly to Ancient Iranian studies and the history of literature in ancient Iran.

She is also associated with the Encyclopædia Iranica project at Columbia University.[3]


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