Dana-i Menog Khrat

The Dana-i Menog-i khrat, (Persian:دانای مینوی خرد) or 'opinions of the spirit of wisdom', a Middle Persian book which was written about 8th century. It comprises the replies of that spirit to sixty-two inquiries, or groups of inquiries, made by a certain wise man regarding various subjects connected with the Zoroastrian religion. This treatise contains about 11,000 words, and was long known, like the Shikand-gumanic Vichar (53), only through its Pazand version, prepared by a Persian zoroastrian writer, Neryosang in middle age.

This book is translated to English by West in 1871. followed by a translation of the Pahlavi text in 1885.[1]


The book contains the conversation between a wise man and the Spirit of Wisdom (Menog-i-Khrat), each on answers the other's questions in philosophical and religious matters.

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