Ahmad Tafazzoli

Dr. Ahmad Tafazzoli (1937 Isfahan – January 15, 1997 Tehran) (Persian: احمد تفضلی) was a prominent Iranian Iranist and master of ancient Iranian literature and culture. Professor Tafazzoli was a faculty member of Tehran University.

One of his most important books and his latest masterpiece is "Pre-Islamic Persian Literature". Professor Jaleh Amouzegar contributed in editing it.

In January 1997, Professor Ahmad Tafazzoli was found dead in Punak, a suburb northwest of Tehran. He was known to have contacts with many Iranian academics working abroad, and many of his colleagues believed that the authorities were behind his death, as part of the chain murders of Iran. While the precise circumstances remained unclear, Tafazzoli's death created a climate of fear at the university and discouraged criticism of the government.[1]

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