Shahid Balkhi

Abul Hasan Shahid ibn Hussain Jahudanaki Balkhi (Persian: ابوالحسن شهيدبن حسين جهودانکي بلخی) (died, 325 AH - 935) was a Persian theologian, philosopher,[1] poet and sufi. Famous Persian poet Rudaki has a poem in Balkhi's elegy. He was born in Balkh.[2] Shahid Balkhi was contemporary to Ahmed ibn Sahl al-Balkhi and they had connections. He also had conversations with Zakariya al-Razi, the well-known Persian polymath and both had objections toward the nature of the pleasure.[1][3]

One day Shahid Balkhi was sitting and was busy reading a book. An ignorant (common) person came near and asked: Khajeh, why are you sitting so lonely? Balkhi answered: I got lonely now that you have come to me.

Jawami ul-Hikayat, Sadiduddin Muhammad Aufi[4]

He had poems both in Persian and Arabic languages.[4]

Jawami ul-Hikayat story

There is a story in Jawami ul-Hikayat, a book written in 630 AH. by Sadiduddin Muhammad Aufi Persian historian, about Shahid Balkhi that indicates his interest in reading and inquiry of knowledge;


He was living in the Samanid era so he spent most of his life in the court of Nasr I of Samanid.He died in Balkh, Khorasan.[5]



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