Loiq Sher-Ali

Loiq Sher-Ali, لائق شیرعلی
Лоиқ Шералӣ
Personal details

20 May 1941
In the Village Mazar-e Sharif, of Panjakent,  Soviet Union

(now  Tajikistan)
Died 30 June 2000
In Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Nationality Tajik
Profession Poet

Loiq Sher-Ali (born 1941 in Tajiki/Persian: Лоиқ Шералӣ/لائق شیرعلی) was a Tajik poet, Iranologist and one of the most celebrated Persian literary figures of Tajikistan and central Asia.

Loiq Sher-Ali had expertise in classical Persian poetry. The influence of Firdowsi, Khayyam and Molana Jalaleddin-e Balkhi is evident in Shir-Ali's works. He also translated several literary master pieces into Persian.

He was the head of Tajik-Persian Language International Foundation in Middle Asia and he was called as Shah-Poet of Tajikistan. A chosen collection of his works is published in Iran, 1994. Another collection, "Rakh's Spirit" is published in Iran, 1999, by Mirzo Shakurzoda.


An excerpt from one of Sher-Ali's most famous poems, about three years before his death:[1]

یکی گفتی تو ایرانی، دیگر گفتی تو تاجیکی
Яке гуфтӣ ту эронӣ, дигар гуфтӣ ту тоҷикӣ
جدا از اصل خود میرد کسی مارا جدا کردست
Ҷудо аз асли худ мирад касе моро ҷудо кардаст

Once you said "You're Iranian," then you said "You are Tajik"
May he die separated from his own origin, who has separated us

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