Goli Taraghi

Zohreh Taraghi-Moghadam, better known as Goli Taraghi (Persian: گلی ترقی)[1] (born 1939) is an Iranian novelist and short story writer.[2]


Goli Taraghi's father Lotfollah Taraghi was a member of parliament, publisher and journalist, and her mother was from a widely cultured family.[2] Born and raised in Tehran, she attended Drake University in the United States, gaining an undergraduate degree in philosophy. Returning to Iran, she obtained a master's degree from Tehran University in 1967 and worked throughout the 1960s as a specialist in international relations for the Plan Organization.[3] In the 1970s she taught courses in philosophy, mythology and symbolism at Tehran University.[2] After the Iranian Revolution the universities were temporarily closed in 1980. Taraghi divorced her husband Hazhir Daryush and moved with her two children to become an ex-patriate in Paris, though she visited Iran throughout the 1980s.[3]

Winter Sleep (1973) a collection of narratives portraying the inner life of eight middle-class city-dwellers, amid the religious dislocation and anomie arising from Iran's rapid modernization in the 1960s. Her short story 'The Great Lady of My Soul' (1982)[4] won the Contre-Ciel Short Story Prize. Scattered Memories (1994) dealt with the emotional fallout from the Iran-Iraq War.[2]



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