202 (number)

201 202 203
Cardinal two hundred two
Ordinal 202nd
(two hundred and second)
Factorization 2 × 101
Divisors 1, 2, 101, 202
Roman numeral CCII
Binary 110010102
Ternary 211113
Quaternary 30224
Quinary 13025
Senary 5346
Octal 3128
Duodecimal 14A12
Hexadecimal CA16
Vigesimal A220
Base 36 5M36

202 (two hundred [and] two) is the natural number following 201 and preceding 203.

In mathematics

202 is a Smith number, meaning that its digit sum and the sum of digits of its prime factors are equal.[1] It is also a strobogrammatic number, meaning that when shown on a seven-segment display, turning the display upside-down shows the same number.[2]

There are exactly 202 partitions of 32 (a power of two) into smaller powers of two.[3] There are also 202 distinct (non-congruent) polygons that can be formed by connecting all eight vertices of a regular octagon into a cycle,[4] and 202 distinct (non-isomorphic) directed graphs on four unlabeled vertices, not having any isolated vertices.[5]

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