801 (number)

800 801 802
Cardinal eight hundred one
Ordinal 801st
(eight hundred and first)
Factorization 32× 89
Roman numeral DCCCI
Binary 11001000012
Ternary 10022003
Quaternary 302014
Quinary 112015
Senary 34136
Octal 14418
Duodecimal 56912
Hexadecimal 32116
Vigesimal 20120
Base 36 M936

801 (eight hundred and one) is the natural number following 800 and preceding 802.

801 is the sum of a square and positive cube in more than one way, and a sum of distinct positive cubes in more than one way:[1][2]

In the gematria of 2nd century bishop Irenaeus, 801 stands for both the Greek word for a dove, and for Alpha and Omega, and therefore represents God in two ways.[3]

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