205 (number)

204 205 206
Cardinal two hundred five
Ordinal 205th
(two hundred and fifth)
Factorization 5 × 41
Divisors 1, 5, 41, 205
Roman numeral CCV
Binary 110011012
Ternary 211213
Quaternary 30314
Quinary 13105
Senary 5416
Octal 3158
Duodecimal 15112
Hexadecimal CD16
Vigesimal A520
Base 36 5P36

205 (two hundred [and] five) is the natural number following 204 and preceding 206.

In mathematics

205 is a lucky number,[1] and a Wolstenholme number.[2] On an infinite chessboard, a knight can reach exactly 205 squares within four moves.[3] There are 205 different ways of forming a connected graph by adding six edges to a set of five labeled vertices.[4]

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