239 (number)

238 239 240
Cardinal two hundred thirty-nine
Ordinal 239th
(two hundred and thirty-ninth)
Factorization 239
Prime yes
Roman numeral CCXXXIX
Binary 111011112
Ternary 222123
Quaternary 32334
Quinary 14245
Senary 10356
Octal 3578
Duodecimal 17B12
Hexadecimal EF16
Vigesimal BJ20
Base 36 6N36

239 (two hundred [and] thirty-nine) is the natural number following 238 and preceding 240.

In mathematics

It is a prime number. The next is 241, with which it forms a pair of twin primes. 239 is a Sophie Germain prime and a Newman–Shanks–Williams prime.[1] It is an Eisenstein prime with no imaginary part and real part of the form 3n  1 (with no exponentiation implied). Because the next odd number, 241 is prime, 239 is a Chen prime. 239 is also a happy number.

HAKMEM (incidentally AI memo 239 of the MIT AI Lab) included an item on the properties of 239, including these:

In other fields

239 is also:


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