228 (number)

228 (two hundred [and] twenty-eight) is the natural number following 227 and preceding 229.

227 228 229
Cardinal two hundred twenty-eight
Ordinal 228th
(two hundred and twenty-eighth)
Factorization 22× 3 × 19
Prime no
Roman numeral CCXXVIII
Binary 111001002
Ternary 221103
Quaternary 32104
Quinary 14035
Senary 10206
Octal 3448
Duodecimal 17012
Hexadecimal E416
Vigesimal B820
Base 36 6C36

228 is a refactorable number,[1] and a practical number.[2] There are 228 matchings in a ladder graph with five rungs.[3] 228 is the smallest even number n such that the numerator of the nth Bernoulli number is divisible by a nontrivial square number that is relatively prime to n.[4]


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