273 (number)

272 273 274
Cardinal two hundred seventy-three
Ordinal 273rd
(two hundred and seventy-third)
Factorization 3 × 7 × 13
Roman numeral CCLXXIII
Binary 1000100012
Ternary 1010103
Quaternary 101014
Quinary 20435
Senary 11336
Octal 4218
Duodecimal 1A912
Hexadecimal 11116
Vigesimal DD20
Base 36 7L36

273 (two hundred [and] seventy-three, CCLXXIII) is the natural number following 272 and preceding 274.

273 is a figurate number, a truncated triangular pyramid number.[1] There are 273 different ternary trees with five nodes.[2]

In other fields

The zero of the Celsius temperature scale is (to the nearest whole number) 273 Kelvin. Thus, absolute zero (0 K) is approximately -273°C.[3] The freezing temperature of water and the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of water are both approximately 0°C or 273 K.[4][5]


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