359 (number)

358 359 360
Cardinal three hundred fifty-nine
Ordinal 359th
(three hundred and fifty-ninth)
Factorization 359
Prime yes
Roman numeral CCCLIX
Binary 1011001112
Ternary 1110223
Quaternary 112134
Quinary 24145
Senary 13556
Octal 5478
Duodecimal 25B12
Hexadecimal 16716
Vigesimal HJ20
Base 36 9Z36

Three hundred and fifty-nine (359) is the number directly following 358 and directly preceding 360. 359 is the 72nd among the prime numbers.

359 in mathematics

359° is one degree less than a full revolution (360°); this makes it a reflex angle.

359 is a Sophie Germain prime: 2(359)+1=719 (also a Sophie Germain prime.)

359 in international telephony

359 is also the international calling code for Bulgaria. When calling from outside the country +359 must be dialled before the local code, leaving out the first zero (0).

359 in Culture

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