245 (number)

244 245 246
Cardinal two hundred forty-five
Ordinal 245th
(two hundred and forty-fifth)
Factorization 5 × 72
Roman numeral CCXLV
Binary 111101012
Ternary 1000023
Quaternary 33114
Quinary 14405
Senary 10456
Octal 3658
Duodecimal 18512
Hexadecimal F516
Vigesimal C520
Base 36 6T36

245 (two hundred [and] forty-five) is the natural number following 244 and preceding 246.

In mathematics

245 is:

In online public access (library) catalogs

In the MARC format for records in online public access (library) catalogs, in which each type of information about a book (or other library material) is identified with a 3-digit number, 245 identifies the title of the item; most library catalog software requires that each record have at least a 245 tag, even if no other information is entered about the item.

In other fields

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